The respect of the building tradition of the Langhe, the deep knowledge of the culture and typical materials of the land, certifications and qualifications: these are fundamental elements for this group of artisans who are specialised in the supply of services in the field of the conservative restoration.

Our goal is the realisation of constructions and maintenances that are able to keep their identity and landscape unchanged. Our work of construction and conservative restoration finds its roots in the territory and in the relationship of people with their area.

Today, owning a real estate in Langhe is a life choice: you can live in one of the most researched areas of Italy, recently recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Living in Langhe means choosing a unique life style.

Robaldo Andrea and Angelo’s Idrocarp firm is located in district Robertiero, n°33, 12070, Gorzegno, Cuneo. It has been working in the thermo hydraulic sector for over 10 years: high-low heating systems, placement of b
Idal was born in 1980 founded by Greco Giovanni. He was an artisan and a decorator who since 1950 has undertaken the art decoration of interiors and exteriors by using lime paint as main material.
It is an artisan company that has been working for over sixty years in the field of building and decorative painting. Our experience gave us the chance to cope with demanding works: from decorations creating from scratch
Biestro carpentry was born in the ‘40s with today owner Valter’s grandfather. At the beginning it was a small carpentry but over the years it has been specialising in the production of solid wood doors and windows.
The office provides, on its own or with the aid of collaborators, the complete assistance for the implementation of interventions: Architectural planning specialised in the field of restoration and architectural renovat
The company’s headquarters are in Santa Vittoria d’Alba (CN). It was founded in 1996 and it works in the business of designing and realisation of electrical civil, commercial and industrial systems.
He was born in 1883 with a passion for stone terracing: building from scratch and the conservative restoration of boundary walls, wells or rooms extension was to him an art, a work to realise with exceptional attention a
Segheria Fratelli Odella snc is a family enterprise that works in the fixing up of wooden components sector, by offering its customer kindness and experience in the realisation of wooden structures....
For over 50 years Edilgarello has been accompanying and advising its customers with competence and seriousness in the purchase of building materials, hardware and tools of the best brands.