Our philosophy




Hills full of vineyards, breathtaking landscapes and ancient villages are some of the reasons that bring a considerable number of tourists to spend a holiday period in this part of lower Piedmont every year.

Between the Monferrato, the Ligurian Apennines and the Maritime Alps, the Langhe area allows you to admire military manors and fortresses, which alternate with medieval towers and historic buildings along the landscape.

The area is known for the production of wine, so much so that you can be amazed by observing the arrangement of the vineyards on the hills, harmonious in their geometries and an essential element of an agricultural economy that has grown exponentially over time.

The fruit of the wine work is preserved by hundreds of historic cellars, some of which have been dug directly into the tuff. Living an all-round experience in the Langhe also means having the opportunity to try a cuisine characterised by the perfect combination of flavours, aromas and colours. The simplicity and authenticity of the ingredients must not mislead; in fact, recipes are proposed that can amaze for their richness.

Dedicating part of your free time to the Langhe means taking part in a journey through culture and tradition; for this reason, preserving its characteristics intact is the best way to respect its history.

Exploiting the enormous potential of the Internet, especially in terms of popularity, ten craftsmen have created a portal entirely dedicated to the Langhe, in this way they wish to attract the attention of those who have not had opportunity to discover these wonderful places yet.  The goal is to spread the culture and to discover the beauty of this still uncontaminated territory and to preserve the typical structures of the place. The decaying buildings are thus recovered from a static and functional point of view. Taking advantage of the use of natural materials, and the experience and expertise of the craftsmen themselves, they can become protagonists and “tell” the history of the Langhe. Only by keeping every element of the territory unchanged, in fact, is it possible to guarantee a prominent role in the future.